Welcome to this limited edition selection. Please contact us today to find out more information. All limited editions are accompanied with a letter of authenticity.

“And She Stands Alone”

And She Stands Alone.jpg

My newest limited edition piece. This is a very special image to me personally. I sat next to this tree staring out at the waves as I waited for a friend to surf. Her lines and curves caught my attention and I realized how strong this tree was. She stood there alone where no other tree stood. She braved the elements and grew into herself. (10/10)

“Cool Vibrations”

Cool Vibration Full Edit.jpg

 I thought it would be fitting to kick off my limited edition series with this being the first image. “Cool Vibrations” was one of my first water shots that inspired me to generate the body of work I have created up till now. This shot was taken in a very remote bay on the north shore of Maui during an epic sunrise. (27/30)



One of the best places to relax. Sat exactly where I photographed for over an hour just taking it all in. It’s hard to be stressed when all you have to do is watch the clouds roll by. So peaceful. (25/30)

“Purple Evening”

Purple Evening.jpg

As the sun sets Maui’s true colors love to show. In nature it’s important to appreciate not only the landscapes but also the little details that generate the big picture. This piece was one of my first published photos. This image was taken in Wailea along the delicate shores that I grew up on as a child. (28/30)

“Makena Magic”

This photo was captured on a beach known as “Big Beach”. There is a small window of time to capture a shot like this. As I watched the sunrise over the mountain and shine directly on the water I knew that I was in for a magical morning. Still can’t believe the colors that came out of this particular morning. The colors already looked fake even before photographing. (29/30)

“Purple Haze”


This was a magical evening on the west side of Maui. Really enjoyed capturing this photo as I watched the colorful clouds dance around Lanai. Love all layers of this image starting with that purple motion of the water crashing against the rocks. (29/30)