Stu Soley

         Growing up with roots in England and the US, Stu has always been a traveler. A true love for natures beauty and the submerging of himself in Mother Nature has allowed him to capture and share life's true beauty.  Stu is all about the "Aloha Lifestyle" which to him means the joyful sharing of life. His photographs not only embrace the spirit of Aloha but leaves a lasting impression of the beautiful world that we live in today. 

         It was in college where Stu really dove into the art of Photography. He began his college days as a business major but quickly learned that his passion was invested into the arts. He spent the next 4 years traveling, studying and working with renowned Photographers. He developed his own style and was able to capture images with flawless composition. He ventured from good old Virginia to Maui, Hawaii where he lives today. Surrounding himself with aloha, sunshine and surf is where he feels right at home and wow, does it show in his galleries of work. 

        Today Stu is in search of his next best photograph and is always striving to enjoy his next adventure. He likes to embrace the composition of his life by living simple and happy. Enjoying the little things has become his biggest priority. The journey of his life continues and the shutter tries to keep up.